GACFR | 2018
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International Conference on

Genome Architecture and Cell Fate Regulation

University of Hyderabad, In partnership with TIFR, CCMB, CDFD, and NIAB

December 3-6, 2018


Chromatin Modeling
Chromatin Dynamics
Developmental Regulatory Networks
Cell Signalling and Response
Genome Damage and Dysfunction


Harinder Singh
Harinder Singh, Cincinnati Childrens Medical Center
Tom Mistelli
Tom Mistelli, NIH
Ali Shilatifard
Ali Shilatifard, Northwestern University
Michael Levine
Michael Levine, Princeton University
Rudi Grosschedl
Rudi Grosschedl, Max Planck
Kees Murre
Kees Murre, University of California San Diego
Ranjan Sen
Ranjan Sen, NIH, NIA
David Shatz
David Shatz, Yale University
Herman Garcia
Herman Garcia, UC Berkely
Sawakar Ritwicik
Sawakar Ritwicik, Max Planck
Chandrasekhar Kanduri
Chandrasekhar Kanduri, University of Gothenburg
Eric Schirmer, University of Edinburgh
Mike Atchison
Mike Atchison, University of Pennsylvania
Rahul Siddharthan
Rahul Siddharthan, IMSc
Ullas Kolthur
Ullas Kolthur, TIFR-Mumbai
S Radhakrishnan
S Radhakrishnan, NCBS

Rakesh Mishra
Rakesh Mishra, CCMB
Surajit Sengupta
Surajit Sengupta, TIFR-Hyderabad
Satheesh Raghavan
Satheesh Raghavan, IISc
Ganesh Nagarajan
Ganesh Nagarajan, IISc
Sreelaja Nair
Sreelaja Nair, TIFR-Mumbai
Sanjeev Das
Sanjeev Das, NII
Geetanjali Chawla
Geetanjali Chawla, RCB
Shivshankar, NUS - Singapore
Kundan Sengupta
Kundan Sengupta, IISER-Pune
Aneeshkumarn, NII
Dimple Notani
Dimple Notani, NCBS
Subba Reddy
M. Subba Reddy, CDFD
Aprotim Mazumder
Aprotim Mazumder, TIFR-Hyderabad
Prasada Rao
HBD Prasada Rao, NIAB
Suvendra N. Bhattacharyya, IICB
Sanjeev Galande
Sanjeev Galande, IISER-Pune
Aprotim Mazumder
Manish Jaiswal, TIFR-Hyderabad
Prasada Rao
Rashna Bhandari, CDFD
Sanjeev Khosla
Sanjeev Khosla, CDFD
Shravanti Rampalli
Shravanti Rampalli, InStem
Tina Mukherjee
Tina Mukherjee, InStem
Dasaradhi Palakodeti
Dasaradhi Palakodeti, InStem

The conference format will include 6 oral sessions, one poster session and an open discussion with the experts. The oral sessions will include invited speakers as well as speakers selected from submitted abstracts. Therefore abstracts from accomplished young investigators are warmly invited. The abstracts should focus on recent and unpublished data. The organizing committee will select abstracts for oral or poster presentation.

We hope to see you at the conference.